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Vancouver Baby Proofers offers furniture assembly in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland. We do furniture building of any kind, including crib assembly, Ikea products and more.


Furniture assembly can be surprisingly challenging. Ikea furniture can be confusing and very time consuming to put together as well.


Often furniture assembly service is required because of time-constraints for people more than anything.


Also, it’s often the case that people just do not enjoy putting furniture together. We totally understand.


Baby Proofing and Furniture Assembly in One


Many of our clients like to bundle Baby Proofing Services and Ikea Furniture Assembly Services together. The two naturally go together. Often, people will be buying some affordable new furniture for their little one and will opt to have us do the furniture assembly and some baby proofing for them at the same time.


About Gil – Owner of Vancouver Baby Proofers & Handyman Services


Gil has over 12 years experience in various construction trades and is able to deliver work correctly and efficiently.


*Vancouver Baby Proofers is fully insured and is registered with One Stop BC.


Gil is the owner and operator of Vancouver Baby Proofers. He is the father of 2 boys and understands the importance of safety. Gil is an experienced handyman, and he thrives on providing his professional craftsmanship across the lower mainland.


Gil offers furniture assembly services in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland.


About Our Baby Proofing Services


Vancouver Baby Proofers (VBP) installs and supplies safety gates, safety locks, secures furniture and TVs to the wall and many other safety products and services that will ensure your home is a safe place for a child!


The service is designed to help parents minimize the risk of child injury in their homes.


We specialize in baby gate installation! Whether you have a glass banister, wooden banister, wrought iron railing, staircases, or any kind of wide open spaces, VBP has an innovative solution to make it safe for your child.


Aesthetic: VBP can find an attractive custom solution that best suits your style. There is the option of the "No Hole" clamp system, which eliminates holes in your staircase posts.


​Guarantee: There is a 6 month warranty on all installations and products are covered by manufacturer warranty.


Contact Us:

Furniture Assembly Vancouver & Lower Mainland


Call: 604 812 1899


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