Vancouver Baby Proofers (VBP) installs and supplies safety gates, safety locks, secures furniture and TVs to the wall and many other safety products and services that will ensure your home is a safe place for a child! 

VBP ensures installations are done correctly and professionally. The service is designed to help parents minimize the risk of child injury in their homes.

Whether you have a glass banister, wooden banister, wrought iron railing, staircases, or any kind of wide open spaces, VBP has the innovative solution to make it safe for your child! 


Aesthetic: If this is an issue for you VBP can find an attractive custom solution that best suites your style. 

There is the option of the "No Hole" clamp system, which eliminates holes in your staircase posts.

Guarantee: There is a 6 month warranty on all installations and products are covered by manufacturer warranty.

Please send an email with details of what you're looking to achieve and VBP will send you an estimate.


If you want a quote on safety gates please take pictures of the areas you want gated. DO NOT take photos while standing on the stairs. Please stand as far back as you can. In order to get a quote on safety gates pictures will need to be sent.


Once you have decided to move forward, the next step is coming out to your home and getting all the necessary services that you need done in a quick and timely manner.  

VBP accepts cash, cheque and e-transfer.

*Installation estimates are based on a per item basis.


Make sure your furniture is secured with furniture straps. 

Safety Gate Installations

Often people are not aware that safety gates require proper framing and hardware that is not included in the packaging.

Safety Lock Installations

The safety locks we use are magnetic and hardware mounted to guarantee they don't fall off.  

Call 604 812 1899 to book or get an estimate!