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  • Gil Redden, Baby Proofer

3 Essential Spring Baby Proofing Tips: A Vancouver Handy Man's Guide

Updated: Jun 17

Toddler at wooden gate

Spring in Vancouver is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about baby proofing the outdoor spaces of your home!

As the weather begins to change and you and your loved ones want to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your outdoor space is baby safe:

Indoor / Outdoor Gates – As the weather improves and we start to transition into patio season, it’s easy for our curious toddlers to venture out the open door to the deck. Installing gates is an easy fix to keep them safe.

Securing Outdoor Furniture and Appliances – Securing patio furniture, outdoor play areas, and other appliances is key to ensure their safety while still letting them explore the outdoors and everything the Vancouver spring and summers has to offer!

Check Your Deck – After the winter snow and rain, it’s important to check for rotted wood and unstable infrastructure. Additionally, consider whether your deck needs a fresh coat of paint to cover any exposed wood that might result in splinters on your crawling toddler.

Though this might all seem overwhelming, Vancouver Baby Proofers is here to help. We can help with baby gates indoors, checking gates outdoors, securing furniture inside and outside, and deck repair. We're handy and about babies! Check out our website to see how we can make your transition into spring effortless and baby safe!

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