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  • Gil Redden, Baby Proofer

Ikea Furniture Assembly in Vancouver, BC

Updated: May 17, 2021

Vancouver Baby Proofers in Vancouver, BC can help assemble your Ikea furniture.

Though our focus businesses is baby proofing, we also do general handyman jobs and furniture assembly!

We assemble all types of Ikea furniture, including baby furniture. We can also help assemble baby cribs and accessories and are experts at making sure those dressers and change tables are properly secured to the wall so as baby grows into the more explorative stages, the pieces don’t topple.

We have tons of experience assembling all sorts of non-baby furniture items too. Cabinets, bed frames, wall units, wardrobes… you name it, we assemble it. In fact, we’ve probably assembled the piece you have or a similar piece and as a result can quickly and efficiently assemble the bits into a beautiful and solid furniture item that you can love for years to come.

Need Help with IKEA Furniture Assembly in Vancouver?

We all know IKEA furniture is affordable, sturdy and stylish. But some people find it a pain to put together.

Gil Redden is happy to help, including assembly and taking away boxes and packaging afterwards.

Ikea Furniture Assembly - FAQ's

Do you assemble only IKEA furniture?

We assemble IKEA and can assemble other types of furniture too. Your time is valuable. Don’t spend time being stressed out furniture assembly. You have other things to do!

Do you take away the packaging and boxes after the assembly?

We can take the boxes left after our assembly service to your home or building’s recycling area free of charge.

But if you want these boxes taken offsite, we’ll charge a fee of $20-50, depending on volume.

How much do you charge for IKEA Furniture Assembly in Vancouver

We typically charge hourly, with a 2-hour minimum.

Contact us for an estimate today!

Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash


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