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Baby Safety Tips – By Vancouver Baby Proofer Gil Redden, in League with Holly at Safe Beginnings

First, a big shout out to Holly and Jill, sisters from North Vancouver with a passion for child safety, and inspiration for this post on Baby Safety Tips.

With their business Safe Beginnings, Holly and Jill are on a mission to get parents, caregivers and professionals trained with essential lifesaving skills.

Safe Beginnings offers In-Person and Online courses in baby safety including Car Seat Safety, Infant/Child CPR, Choking and Injury Prevention, First Aid for the Infant and Toddler Years, Emergency First Aid for Child Care and more.

Safe Beginnings has even curated lists of various products on Amazon to help keep little ones safe.

We are especially interested in this list: Childproofing Around the Home.

Baby proofing Vancouver - TV Anti-Tip Safety Kit installation vancouver.

We are happy to have a go-to list of tried-and-true, trustworthy items recommended by these esteemed professionals.

Many of the items are ones I personally have been installing for families throughout the Lower Mainland for years.

The TV Anti-Tip Safety Kit is a great one, with a wonderfully descriptive picture of why you would need a kit like this in a home with a toddler!

Many people don’t feel comfortable (or have the time!) to install a kit like this. Contact me if you need help: I have years of experience and am happy to help parents in keeping their children safe.

Baby proofer in Vancouver BC.

This safety product is interesting, probably a lesser known child safety item: the Home Safety Power Strip Cover.

Also included in the curated lists are baby gates, cabinet and drawer locks, toilet seat locks and foam corner protectors. These are excellent standard items in baby proofing and it is great to have a vetted list to choose from.

Thank you, Safe Beginnings, for putting this list together! I’m sure it will save many parents time researching what is needed and which are quality products with good reviews.

See more of Holly’s Recommended Products List (Canada) and (US) .

We love the Holiday Safety List, just in time for Christmas.

There are also lists for Safety On The Go, Nursery Safety, Summer Safety, Must-haves For Parents, Recommended Car Seats, Feeding Safety, Fire Safety, Bath time Safety and Baby + Toddler First Aid Kit.

Baby Safety Product Installation in Vancouver and the Entire Lower Mainland

Vancouver Baby Proofers can help make your home safe. We are experts in baby gate installation, securing furniture and TVs to the wall, installing safety locks, and more. If you need help with any of the products recommended by Safe Beginnings, let me know. We also do handyman jobs and small home repairs. If you need more information about baby safety including car seats, choking and more, please contact Safe Beginnings.

Call Gil at 604-812-1899 to book or get an estimate!

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