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Buy CRL Glass Clamps in Vancouver, BC – Vancouver Baby Proofers

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Attach these clamps with no need to drill or notch on glass! They are perfect for attaching baby gates to glass.

I am proud to provide CRL Glass Clamps to Vancouver and the entire Lower Mainland. I can order and have them ready for installation within 1-2 weeks.

Contact me today for purchase: 604-812-1899

Need Help With Installation?

See me in action doing custom baby gate installations on glass railings on Instagram.

Or visit our website gallery.

Often people are not aware that safety gates require proper framing and hardware that is not included in the packaging. I supply and / or install baby gates and all hardware required including glass clamps.

Aesthetic: Vancouver Baby Proofers can find an attractive custom solution that best suits your style. Also, there is the option of the "No Hole" clamp system, which eliminates holes in your staircase posts.

See our full list of Baby Proofing Services and Handyman Services.


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