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  • Gil Redden, Baby Proofer

Frequently Forgotten Hazards: Vancouver Baby Proofer and Handyman's Guide to Baby Proofing

Updated: Jun 17

Toddler next to fallen plant

As a parent, ensuring your home is safe for your little ones to grow and explore is a top priority. While most parents are installing baby gates, outlet covers, and safety locks, certain crucial baby proofing measures are often overlooked. 


Here are some of Vancouver Baby Proofers tips to address frequently forgotten babyproofing measures: 

Cable, Wire, and Cord Management


Cables, wires, and cords can be found everywhere around the house – whether for our free-standing lamps or tucked behind the TV stand – they pose a significant risk to curious toddlers such as choking hazards and electrical dangers.


Before you know it, your toddler is going to be crawling into spaces and managing to reach things you didn't think possible. Products such as cable covers for your floor, cord shorteners for your blinds, or secure power strips for desks and TVs can all significantly reduce the risk cables, wires, and cords impose in your home. 

Secure Furniture


Whether your toddler is climbing on furniture or even attempting to reach something on a shelf without a stable arrangement, we tend to underestimate how easily unsecured furniture can tip over and cause serious injuries. 


Anti-tip straps or brackets anchor furniture such as bookshelves, dressers, or cabinets to the wall, preventing the furniture from tipping over as your toddler attempts to explore it. 

Adapt Forms of Storage


An overwhelming number of parents have said that their biggest miss in baby proofing was accounting for just how much was truly in reach of their crawling toddler. Open-faced shelves will be emptied in seconds and the shoe rack will be inspected (keep in mind - babies put everything in their mouths). 


With a curious toddler roaming around, it may be time to reconsider certain forms of storage. Transitioning to drawers and cupboards that can be secured with safety locks is an easy way to keep unwanted items out of your little ones' reach. 


It’s easy to forget that everything on the floor – or even close to it – is at their eye level. To effectively babyproof, take a moment to see the world through their eyes – get on the ground and check for hazards you may have missed otherwise.


Normally, these are not the first safety measures that come to mind when asked to think about baby proofing. Nonetheless, Vancouver Baby Proofers is here to help! With over a decade in construction trades, we are proud to offer services in cable, wire, and cord management, shelving/TV mounting, furniture assembly, and much more! Check out our website to find out more about our baby proofing and handyman services, and how we can help make your home a safer environment for your little one.

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