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  • Gil Redden, Baby Proofer

How to Baby Proof Your House

It’s a parent's worst nightmare: Our children getting hurt! While we can’t protect against every bump, cut, and scrape, we do have a responsibility to raise our children in a home that is as safe as possible.

Here’s a room-by-room guide to knowing how to baby proof your house:

How to baby proof your house: The kitchen

The kitchen presents many dangers to a curious child.

When they’re crawling, consider getting locks for lower cabinet doors and drawers so they can’t climb in them or pull out any dangerous items like cleaning solutions.

Be sure not to store any breakables or sharp objects in sight.

How to baby proof your house: The bathroom

The bathroom has less dangers than a kitchen, but shouldn’t be overlooked when baby proofing. If your child is able to pull themselves up, make sure you have a lock for the toilet seat so they don’t accidentally fall in. Also make sure that any chemicals, cleaning supplies, or dangerous items are in locked cabinets.

It’s also in your best interest to move garbage bins off the floor or else you’ll find used tissue and bathroom garbage all over the house, courtesy of your curious baby or toddler! While you're at it, put a lock on your toilet paper roll or place it in a shelf out of can only imagine what chaos a toddler with a roll of toilet paper could do!

How to baby proof your house: The rest of your home

Make sure that all freestanding bookshelves and cabinets are secured firmly to the wall using approved hardware. This helps avoid the chance of tipping over. Stairs should also be blocked off using an ASTM & JPMA certified gate.

Consider blocking off fireplaces or other dangerous sections of your home with baby gates as well.

Check out our gallery of safety gate installations.

How to baby proof your house: The yard

When babyproofing our homes, we often forget the outside of our house! Make sure not to keep any gardening or lawn tools within reach and remove batteries from any small power tools so they don’t accidentally turn them on.

If it’s time to start baby proofing your home, don’t think of it as a big scary time. It means your child is healthy and growing! If you do feel a little overwhelmed with baby proofing, let us know and we can help recommend the best products to help baby proof your home, or help you install them correctly and safely.

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