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Hire Us For Securing Furniture to the Wall - Professional Baby Proofers in Vancouver

Making sure furniture is securely attached to the wall is an important part of baby proofing. The munchkins may not look big or strong but, with some leverage, furniture can tip over. Think of the bottom dresser drawer being pulled out and a little one trying to climb in.

In addition to the baby’s room, many people give the rest of the house a once over during baby proofing to see which other pieces require attention. In general, people find this task of securing furniture to the wall tedious or don’t know how to properly do it. Or both.

Many people would far rather hire someone to come in and do this task. You’ll save the time not needing to find that drill battery that went missing two years ago or to make trips to the hardware store to buy screws, straps or other necessities. We bring all the required tools and supplies to you and then quickly, properly and efficiently get the job done!


Owner Gil, is a father of two, in Child Safety and in Child Proofing, and also has over 12 years of experience in various different construction trades and handyman services.

Just an FYI, Vancouver Baby Proofers also does furniture building, child proofing and handyman jobs too. Feel free to bundle these services together.

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Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

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