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  • Gil Redden, Baby Proofer

Baby Gates with No Drilled Holes - Uses Clamps Instead

Interested in baby gates that leave no holes in the stair posts?

It’s possible - and we install them for you at Vancouver Baby Proofers.

We use a system of clamps instead of drilling holes. It is safe and secure and does not require any holes to be drilled anywhere.

As fleeting and imperfect as the baby stage is (as is life), it is nice to not be left with messy holes remaining in the places where the baby gates once were.

The baby gate phase can last a few years, especially if there is more than one baby that joins the family within a few years.

So, while safety gates are a must for a period of time, eventually they will be removed.

When that time comes people are very happy with my clamp system because it leaves no holes whatsoever in the stair posts or any of the surrounding areas.

This is a custom solution that I tailor to each installation.

I install the clamps to the post with a wood frame and then mount the gate to that.

Cost of Custom Baby Gate Installation in Vancouver, BC

The price for this no-hole baby gate installation varies depending on the job.

Here’s how to help me make an accurate estimate for you:

  1. Take pictures of the areas you want gated.

  2. DO NOT take pictures while standing on the stairs, but rather looking directly at the staircase and back far enough to see the entire area.

  3. Send the pictures to


Please contact me (Gil Redden) with any questions about baby gate installation.

I also offer Vancouver handyman services and do furniture assembly.

Many clients hire me for all three services, it seems babies bring on these kind of tasks. 😉

I can build the crib, secure the change table and dresser to the wall and more.

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