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Room by Room Baby Proofing Your Vancouver Home

Whether you’ve just moved to a new home, have just had a child or your child or children are becoming more active, it’s very likely you will need to do at least some baby proofing.

Vancouver expert baby-proofer (and handyman) Gil Redden is available to help with any baby-proofing needs. He specializes in custom installations, such as if you have glass railings on your staircase. He is familiar with the typical areas of a home that need attention and knows how to fix problem areas.

Gil will step us through how to baby proof a home room by room.

Living Room

Watch for cables and cords in this room. Many things are plugged in in this room, from table lamps to flat screen TV’s to mobile device chargers to gaming consoles and headsets. Cable ties to attach wires to the wall will prevent things from being pulled over and landing on a tot.

Flat screens on a table top or wall can be anchored in place so they can’t be pulled down.

Watch for electronics that may have small buttons or knobs that could be pulled off and be a choking hazard. Like video game controllers or other items like fans or lamps.

Electrical outlets can be covered and shelving units and cabinets can be fixed to the wall.


Keep cosmetics, cleaning products and medications out of reach.

Reachable cupboard doors and drawers can be safety latched and toilet lids can be locked. Garbage cans are a consideration, it can be a good idea to keep these empty or somehow out of reach.


Cupboards can have safety locks attached.

Cleaning products should be kept out of reach.

Don’t forget to look under or behind appliances like the stove and fridge. There can be small items or even pointy items like nails or thumbtacks out of sight to you but within reach of a small one.

Keep in mind things like gas lines and sharp or small items like loose nails on the cupboards or door liners that may be loose.

Master Bedroom

Some people choose to keep the door to this room closed. At any rate keep medications out of reach, not on the bedside table. Same goes for small items like jewellery, bobby pins, hair elastics or loose change, keep these out of reach as well.

Dressers and shelving units should be fixed to the wall to prevent tipping over.

Blind cords in all areas of the home must be kept out of reach.

Kids Rooms

Secure dressers to the wall so that they don’t tip over if the child pulls the drawers out.

Secure the change table and any shelving or cabinets to the wall as well.

Make sure that the baby monitor cords or monitor itself is not within reach from the crib. Baby monitors can even be hung higher up on a wall.

Small toys belonging to an older child are a consideration. Some rearranging may be needed.

Outdoor Balcony or Deck

Of course don’t let a small child go outside unattended and keep the door locked. Make sure furniture that the child can climb onto is kept away from railings.

Baby gates can be installed at the top of outdoor staircases that lead down from a back deck.


Keep the dog leash and dog bags out of reach.

For cat litter boxes, a baby gate can be installed around the box, depending on the box location.

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